It has been a long time coming from where we started with the COVID-19 fuss. The significant shifts that have occurred in the world of migration, borders closing and opening, procedures for visa applications being reviewed, and down to the skill assessment for migration to Australia.

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There are several bodies in Australia responsible for skill assessment in diverse fields. However, this article would be centered around the reassessments that have been made by the skill assessment body in the Management and Leadership field; the IML.

The Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML) is the authorizing body contracted by the Australian Department of Home Affairs to assess top level management skills, whereas creating benchmarks as to those eligible for skilled migration in the field of Management and Leadership, on a permanent resident basis.

Over time, we have been familiar with what the components of these assessments comprise of. In order for applicants to successfully demonstrate their competence in these management and leadership roles, the IML demands a check on their educational qualification and experience, which of course includes years of experience in a nominated occupation. Applicants who possess and who do not possess the necessary academic qualifications comparable with Australian qualifications are expected to display employment experiences for required amount of years.

More so, the applicant’s employment experience should consist of tasks (in tally with the regulating body’s provision) & work responsibilities outlined, and as may arise on a regular basis. Applicants are expected to give a detailed outline of their abilities in the managerial role assigned to them, citing experiential examples of what they did, the result(s) and what lesson(s) was induced from it.

When an applicant successfully submits all the required documents, assessment begins. The Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML) conducts a thorough verification of documents submitted and can issue a positive assessment report, if the documents submitted complies admissibly with what is required for the Australian permanent residence. If it does not comply, the assessment result will be negative.

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