Are you Canadian PR ready?

When you read the title-caption of this article, did you have an answer to the question; Are you Canadian PR ready? We hope you had the most obvious answer – YES, I AM 100% PR READY. The good news we have for you will only make sense if you are PR ready. What’s the point of being informed of something as good as this, if year after year you do not make moves to realize your dreams? It is heartbreaking. Hopefully we are certain if you are reading this blog post, you are one of the achievers. Only achievers know what achieving means.

Now if you are already making moves in applying for the Canadian permanent residence, it may be possible that you are stuck and left drooping for means of increasing your chances ITA-wise. Receiving an ITA is the major hurdle in becoming a permanent resident. If you fulfill the conditions surrounding the ITA, on a scale it means you have completed 80% of what is required to be a permanent resident. Yes that is how it is. So what does the average applicant deal with in the process actually? Making the cut off mark. Sounds simple but not really simple. When an applicant does not make the cut off mark he/she is left to find ways of boosting their points so as to have a high rank, a high score to qualify and receive their ITA. So what everyone lagging of points in the express entry proceeds to do is to via for a Provincial Nomination.

Under this PN program an applicant can boost their points by an additional 600 points to whatever they already have. Of course there are other ways to boost the points. Getting a job offer from a Canadian employer in any of the provinces is another way of boosting points. You could also try improving your English score as a third way to boost your points. Statistics show that an applicant who decides to go for a PNP nomination has just given up on taking another English exam. So if you are going for the PNP, what province would you opt for? Drawing the options from our Instagram post “…..Is it Manitoba? Ontario? Quebec? British Columbia? Nova Scotia? Or even New Brunswick?” All options on the table are good choices but the good news we have, lies with New Brunswick. New Brunswick is a Canadian province located on east coast of Canada along the Atlantic Ocean and offers a distinct way of life and more importantly exciting career opportunities. So if you desire to reside in New Brunswick as a permanent resident, jump on this good news.

For those who are having issues making the cut in the Federal skilled workers program (FSWP), New Brunswick is offering applicants who desire to reside there as PRs an easier path through its Information Session Programs.  This is a designed event for Recruitment. The purpose of this is to connect applicants with employers in New Brunswick easily. Reflect back to what we said before. Getting a job offer can boost your points. With a job offer, your nomination also looks certain. BOOM!!! Fabulous right? But the real deal is; are you going to seize this advantage or are you going to miss out on it? The answer depends on what you do next. If you have a nomination you will receive your ITA. Good things are for people who are reaching out for them. New Brunswick knows this, which is why there is also selection (Eligibility) process for this, so it won’t be abused. If you are already making a move with your application to become a PR, then you have almost everything New Brunswick will check for, before this opportunity will be given to you. The closest session of this program is going to hold in the following African cities:

  • Casablanca, Morocco – Feb 11 & 12
  • Abidjan, Ivory Coast – Feb  15 & 16
  • Dakar, Senegal – Feb 18 & 19

For the purpose of informing our dear article-reader lets discuss this. Since companies in New Brunswick will be recruiting directly through this program for the long term, the program is only for individuals who intend to reside in New Brunswick and are professionals who have work experience within the past 5 years in the following occupations:


  • NOC 0111 – Finance managers
  • NOC 1112 – Financial and investment analysts
  • NOC 4163 – Business development officers and marketing researchers and consultants


  • NOC 0621 – Retail and wholesale trade managers


  • NOC 6311 – Food service supervisors
  • NOC 6322 – Cooks


  • NOC 2147 – Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)
  • NOC 2171 – Information systems analysts and consultants
  • NOC 2172 – Database analyst and data administrators
  • NOC 2173 – Software engineers and designers
  • NOC 2174 – Computer programmers and interactive media developers
  • NOC 2175 – Web designers and developers
  • NOC 2281 – Computer network technicians
  • NOC 2282 – User support technicians
  • NOC 2283 – Information systems testing technicians

Applicants who wish to seize this path offered by New Brunswick must have:

  • An ECA report
  • A English test result

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