Residing in Australia permanently can be one of the good decisions you should make as an individual or as a family. Australia boasts one of the highest standards of living in the world, among other benefits, if you are looking for reasons to migrate to Australia. Some of your friends already living in Australia may have already told you a lot of good things about Australia, so it’s logical to believe that you are reading this article in order to begin your journey. This article was prepared to help you identify and pay close attention to a particular secret that worked for our clients who have migrated to Australia permanently. In the meantime we are going to give you reasons why you should be confident, if you decide to begin your journey to Australia as a permanent resident

Why you should be confident you can migrate to Australia permanently

Often times you hear people say that you have to be certain before you go through with anything you are contemplating. The one result this has gotten people at the same time is missing out on lifetime opportunities. Some persons have missed out on relocating their families abroad on permanent basis, when they had the opportunity to do so, because they wanted to be certain first. Because they are not optimistic, they could not make a decision that would have brought a lot of benefits to their families today. It is our hope that you can see the affairs of Australian Immigration as one of opportunities to seize at the end of this article. However we are not going to share our experiences with the Australian Immigration as Travel agents in Lagos, here with you. Our focus here is to reveal one of our secrets we have shared to our clients which is fundamental to gaining a visa grant to reside in Australia as a permanent resident, so let’s talk about the Australian Permanent Residence briefly. We are not going to talk about the visa sub-classes under the Australian Permanent Residence application (Skilled Migration Program). Consider the following questions: (1) What would it take to migrate to Australia as a permanent resident? (2) On what grounds is an applicant granted a visa to reside in Australia as a permanent resident? and (3) How can you boost your points in the pool? Pause for a brief moment. Do you have similar concerns as you plan towards relocating to Australia? If your answer is yes, then you really need to read through this article. No doubt, Australia is a major destination for immigrants across the globe. Why is this so? Take this reason from us right now: Australian Immigration is the most flexible of immigration in the world. We say this from our success in migrating people to Australia. Is it realistic for you too, to think Australia has the most flexible immigration? For our reasons, Yes it is. Just look at it this way – Australia has several migration pathways for immigrants, all having different criteria levels. So there is always a pathway for you. Take for example the Training visa which allows foreigners inclusive of graduates to work as interns in Australia. The innovation visa for entrepreneurs is another majestic pathway for migration, if you are thinking of moving to Australia. Therefore be confident. That being said, let’s answer the three questions we raised earlier.

What would it take to migrate to Australia as a permanent resident?

If you want to migrate to Australia permanently, you must meet their requirements or criteria as an applicant. It does not matter whether you are applying for this, from within or outside Australia. This fundamental knowledge of what they want from applicants, stands. Indirectly as a travel agency, we are telling you, the trick lies herein, because this translates to the grounds for which you are going to get your visa grant to live in Australia permanently. Some of these criterions include:

  • Having a relevant occupation. (An occupation is relevant if it is enlisted in either of Australia’s skilled occupations lists: MLTSSL or STSOL).
  •  Must have an education assessed to be of equivalence to an Australian education.
  • Must have a proficient level of English (This is the secret).
  • Spouse criteria (this is not a disadvantage for single applicants). So if you are single you can become a permanent resident if you meet the requirements.
  • Must have a positive assessment.
  • Must have a proven work experience.
  • May have a nomination from a state or region in Australia (this entirely depends on the visa subclass you are applying for).

The application process for the permanent residence is a Points Based System. Therefore for each of this criteria enlisted above, an applicant is awarded points. The secret in getting the PR lies especially with your English language score. The English is one of our success secrets as travel agents. You may wonder why. Let us take a look at the next question to find out why. Have you given up on the English examination? This is your wake-up call.

On what grounds is an applicant granted a visa to reside in Australia as a permanent resident?

To help you better understand this question, consider the illustration: Two Nigerian ladies are applying for the Australian permanent residence in the same year. Applicant – A, goes by the name Obianuju Faith Mary and applicant – B, goes by the name Okorie Chika Loveth. Both ladies are smart and have met the criterion we outlined earlier. Put yourself in the shoes of an immigration officer who has to decide on their applications. Whose application among both ladies would you favor? Obviously this is just the dilemma, visa officers who decide on permanent residence applications should face in a real sense because even as you are going through this article, so many persons are submitting their applications for the permanent residence. This reality brings us to the question: On what grounds are applications for the Australian permanent residence granted? The simple answer lies on the total points claimed by an applicant. What this means is, if Obianuju Faith Mary’s points were above the cut off mark set by Australia, she would be favored over her counterpart Okorie Chika Loveth with points lower than the cut off mark. Let’s assume again therefore that Obianuju Faith Mary claimed 99 points for herself and Okorie Chika Loveth claimed 96 points and the cut off mark was set to 95. Both ladies will be getting their grants following their applications. This is what happens in the process. The selection process is a fair one. If this is the phenomenon behind getting a grant to reside in Australia permanently, the only criteria that easily gives an applicant a leverage is the English examination. Why do we say that? At the beginning of your application to become a permanent resident you submitted your expression of interest EOI. This EOI only last in the database for one year. If one year elapses and you are not selected because of your low points, your profile is deleted from Australia’s database and you need to start afresh.  Let’s assume that an applicant’s highest education before applying was a BSc in Computer Sciences and that applicant submits the EOI, gets into the pool of candidates automatically and claimed 70 points. Let’s also assume that the cut off mark was 95 points. Clearly this applicant is short of 25 points if he is going to make the cut. If you look at the criterion again, it is possible for the applicant to enroll for a higher education so as to claim more points, right? It is also possible for the applicant to get married and earn some extra points when the partner’s credentials are evaluated, right? You can’t increase your work experience out of the blue at the time you are applying for the permanent residence therefore cannot increase your points flexibly with this criteria. All these criterion pointed out can increase your points in the application, but needs time that you may not have. But the English examination can boost your points in a flash. For those of you who have taken the English examination, you bear us witness your result is issued 15 days after sitting for it. Now remember, your EOI during the application only lasts for 1 year and you only have to wait for 15 days to add a better English score in your application. Can you see the gist? The same way getting an A grade in undergraduate trainee defense known as SIWES in the university in Nigeria can sporadically increase your CGPA, so can a better English proficiency test score, increase your points for the Australian permanent residence. Keystyle Travels – Australia’s Certified Migration Agency, has helped its clients in this respect, do well in the English proficiency test. Major immigration destinations are trusting the English proficiency test as the day goes by. It is possible that some persons reading this article might say to themselves “I have taken this exam severally” or even sigh at the mention of the English proficiency test. Take it from us today – As long as you dream about residing permanently in Australia, you have to pay serious attention to the English proficiency test because you just cannot do without it. Does this mean that if you have taken the IELTS on more than one occasion and the score is not good, you’re hopeless? Not at all. Unlike Canada, you can use other approved English proficiency test like the PTE Academic. Some persons find this proficiency test simpler. Why not take this instead? We always recommend the PTE Academic as an alternative. It is simpler and the key to getting a really high score in the PTE Academic, is tweaking your assent to a foreign assent. Most of us like to use phonetics just to make people think we are so educated. No problem…if there was any moment or situation you need your phonetics more, it’s sitting for the PTE Academic. That is just the tip of the iceberg to getting a really good score despite your performances in the PTE Academic test. Get that high score and you are talking about living the Australian dream.

How can you boost your points in the pool?

Consider a few ways:

  • Take another English proficiency test aiming for a higher score
  • Apply for a nomination if you are applying for either the subclass visas 190 or 489
  • Including your partner/spouse.

But the most efficient way to do this without the risk of going back to start afresh, is to take the English examination where time does not favor you. Time is always on your side with this option. No matter the ordeal you put yourself through to prepare confidently for the English examination, we promise the results will be unimaginable. You can make that L8 R8 W8 S8 / L82 R82 W82 S82; bands in your English examination (IELTS / PTE) with believe and assistance from Keystyle Travels a competent travel agency.

If you would like to gain some free preparatory tips or enroll in our tutorial classes for the English examination; or to learn about our other expertise in the Australian immigration, or to be informed of other migration options available for you, please sign up for our newsletters on the homepage of our website or use the comment section below to reach us.

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  1. I may like to have this test. Because Australia is one of the best and most comfortable and affordable country to study.

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