Privacy Policy


Your privacy is respected by us. The information, including sensitive information about your country of origin and first language, that you provide to us will only be provided to the following people or organisations for the purposes specified:

  1. To the academic institutions you have nominated, to enable your application for entry to be considered by those academic institutions;
  2. To those academic institutions or to other organisations or individual research workers for statistical or research purposes, but only in an anonymous form so that you cannot be individually identified;
  3. To any of the academic institutions to enable that institution to initiate your student record;
  4. To any organisation, institution, employer or authority you have listed, to enable us or any of the academic institutions to verify details of the qualifications, employment or other experiences that you have described to us;
  5. To any government agency or other party, as required by law.

In meeting any of the purposes described above, you acknowledge that we may need to send your information to other countries around the world.
If you don’t supply all of the details we ask of you, we may not be able to process your applications.
You agree that we can ask any academic institution (and if requested, that you will instruct that institution) to which you are accepted, to send us information about when you commence an initial and any subsequent course of study with that institution.

If you would like to verify any of the information we hold about you, or if you have any general privacy concerns, please send an e-mail to, and label the message “Attention: Privacy Officer”.
If at any time after we have sent your application forms to the academic institutions you have nominated, you wish to verify the information those institutions hold about you, you will need to contact the relevant institutions directly.