Upgrade Your Value, Save Time & Money; Enroll For Any of the Courses Offered By European Universities Through Ghana Technology University College, Ghana

It’s More affordable and yet one of the best options to get European standard of education in Africa.

GTUC Ghana in conjunction with Coventry University UK & other European universities, are offering BSc, MSc, MBA, PhD and HND/OND top-up to BSc programs.

Admission starts January 2017.

Lectures are held in Ghana.

Exams are in Nigeria and Ghana.

All certificates and transcripts are issued by the European universities with the option of attending your graduation in Europe.

Find a program below . . .


– GTUC-Staffordshire University UK Programs:

Computing Programs –
1. BSc(Hons) Applied Computing.
2. BSc(Hons) Software Engineering
3. BSc(Hons) Web Development

Business Programs –
1. BA(Hons) Business & HR Mgt
2. BA(Hon) Marketing Management

Education Programs –
1. MA Education
2. LLM International Business Law

– GTUC-University of the West of Scotland:

Masters Programs –
1. MSc. Quality Management
2. MSc. Project Management

– GTUC-Telecom Ecole, France:

1. ICT Management(PhD)

– GTUC-CASS Programs:

Masters Program –
1. MBA Healthcare Management

PHD Programs –
1. Business Administration(PhD)
2. Business Administration(Doc)
3. Healthcare Management(PhD)
4. ICT Management(PhD)

– GTUC-AALBORG Programs:

Masters Program –
1. MSc Information & Communication Technology

PHD Programs –
1. ICT
2. Telecom Engineering

– GTUC-WILDAU University:

Masters Programs –
1. MSc Telematics
2. MSc Aviation Management

– GTUC-ANHALT University of Applied Science:

Programs –
1. MBA International Trade
2. Bachelor of Solar Engineering

Ghana Technology University, College (GTUC): Local Programs –

1. BSc. Computer Engineering
2. BSc. Information Technology
3. Bach. Business Admin(100)
4. BSc. Information Technology top-up

Masters Programs –
1. MSc Telecommunications Engineering
2. MSc Telecommunications Management.

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